Covid-19 Site Protocol

Regarding Covid-19, we have asserted protocols that we adhere to listed below:

1. Anyone with sniffles, cold, flu or similar symptoms isolate for 14 days and do not come on site.

2. While working on site they adhere to social distancing unless in the odd circumstance they have to momentarily waive that space, and are then extremely careful.

3. We set up a wash station, for washing purposes c/w sanitizer.

4. Hand sanitizer is provided throughout the jobsite including the office, tool crib, sea-cans and on site.

5. Gloves are available for use.

6. Each machine has one operator only, and it is wiped down every day.

7. We have two service vehicles and they are wiped prior to use.

8. We virtually have the same crew, dependent on absentees, who are like a family.

9. Russell, the Super, monitors everyone each day with scrutiny.

10. The daily tailgate meetings include Covid-19 discussions.